Company Introduction

Japan Insight was established by Shigeo Fukuda in August 2011.

Shigeo has been integral in developing Premium Wetern Spirit Brands in the Japanese Liquor market for over 30 years. These included the following Internationally recognised brands: Smirnoff, Bombay Saphire, Jose Cuervo, Bacardi and Grey Goose. At the time of their launch in Japan these brands had little or no awareness nor distribution. Thus Shigeo patiently followed his belief that “premium spirits can only be established through brand building activities, focused intially in the on-trade channel” Thus on-trade expertise, channel management, staff training and subsequent recommendation by educated staff at point of purchase continue to drive his ethos and establish a strong consumer platform.

Shigeo continues to offer this business practice today and has created a company that pursues neither immediate volume nor scale. He focuses on bar by bar patient brand building through targeting distribution and encouraging recommendation. He believes that volume and scale comes with effective distribution and the establishment of awareness through hard yards

This modus-operandi is in sharp contrast to the current situation whereby brands pursue scale through mass distribution and lose their focus when sold by large conglomerate breweries.. This approach has effectively ignored the patient brand building required to establish new products and has effectively locked out brands not belonging to multi-national drinks corporations with links to Japanese Breweries.

Our promise:
We believe that premium spirits brands can be only established in on-trade, such as bars. We believe the opportunity of premium western white spirits in Japanese market. And we develop unique marketing method for brand building.